Thank your legislators for the repeal of the SGR

Please reach out to thank the Senators and Representatives who voted in favor of HB2 and repeal of the SGR. A sample message may read:

Thank you for your support of HB2. This is historic legislation that finally brings an end to an era of uncertainty for Medicare beneficiaries and their physicians and puts us on the road toward implementation of innovative care models that will improve care quality and lower costs. As a physician, I thank you and I’m sure the many Medicare beneficiaries I care for and who are your constituents thank you.

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US Senator Richard Burr 202-224-3154
US Senator Thom Tillis  202-224-6342
US Representative Renee Ellmers 202-225-4531
US Representative Virginia Foxx 202-225-2071
US Representative Alma Adams 202-225-1510
US Representative G. K. Butterfield 202-225-3101
US Representative Mark Walker 202-225-3065
US Representative Patrick McHenry 202-225-2576
US Representative David Price 202-225-1784
US Representative David Rouzer 202-225-2731
US Representative Richard Hudson 202-225-3715
US Representative Robert Pittenger 202-225-1976
US Representative George Holding 202-225-3032

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  • Kerry Willis

    MY letter of thanks sent to Senator Burr

    I wanted to thank you for your vote on HR 2. Ending the SGR problem was needed.
    However, I don’t think the price of passing an SGR fix was worth the damage that will be done by this bill. IT represents perhaps the most massive expansion of government authority in healthcare ever devised in unproven and yet to be determined models and standards. I realize you are glad to say you voted against the ACA but this bill is far more intrusive and demanding in its effects than the ACA can ever dream of becoming. If Republicans are to stand for more government and more invasion of our businesses and lives, than ever before , this bill was a great start in achieving that goal.
    The devastating effects to our small independent practices and especially rural area providers with its demands for regulatory actions and participation in unproven ACO models will be rapid and long lasting. ACO’s despite the smoke that CMS blew up somewhere are poorly functioning and experimental models that aren’t working currently in existing areas and especially poorly in rural areas. The last comments period on the rule revealed thousands of comments detailing the flaws and mistakes in the program assumptions that CMS has known about and ignored. This bill condemns us to participation in an unproven model that has yet to show broad success and acceptance. So in summary if you were trying for more government interference in healthcare and larger more invasive government with a great expansion of government regulatory authority then you have succeeded wildly