NCMS Spotlight: Dan McKearney, PA-C

This month we feature Dan McKearney, PA-C, for his thoughts on why and how to improve the state’s Controlled Substance Reporting System (CSRS). Learn more about this 2017 Leadership College alumnus’ research on one way to alleviate the opioid abuse epidemic in our state.

For more information on Mr. McKearney’s Leadership College project, watch his MEDTalk.

Next month’s Spotlight will focus on John L. Reynolds, MD, our 2018 NCMS President. Meet Dr. Reynolds, learn about his leadership style and his goals for his year as NCMS President.


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  • Jim Hill, PA-C

    Wow, excellent suggestions for improving and increasing use of the CSRS. I really like the idea of incorporating the CSRS into our current EMR system and using one click to reach the CSRS, only having to type in our user name and password. Awesome project!