HB 686 – No Gov’t Retribution for Refusal of CV19 Vax

HB 686 – No Gov’t Retribution for Refusal of CV19 Vax

Primary House Sponsors: Rep. Jake Johnson (R-Henderson, Polk, Transylvania); Rep. Howard Penny, Jr. (R-Harnett); Rep. Sam Watford (R-Davidson); Rep. Ben Moss, Jr. (R-Montgomery, Richmond, Stanly)



This bill:

  • Adds retaliation by a State employer for an employee or applicant’s refusal to take the COVID-19 vaccine as an issue that can be heard as a contested case pursuant to the NC Human Resources Act.
  • States that State and local government employees and applicants have the right to refuse a COVID-19 vaccine without termination or retaliation.
  • Establishes that individuals who refuse a COVID-19 vaccine have the same right to access and use State and local government buildings and land as an individual who receives a COVID-19 vaccine.



Filed – 4/26/2021


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