Updated Training Schedule for Primary Care Practices Seeking AMH Designation In New Medicaid Program

The NC Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) has updated its listing of training sessions for those primary care practices that want to become an Advanced Medical Home (AMH) when the state moves to managed care for its Medicaid program. Access the updated listing.

Already more than 680 people attended regional trainings at six locations across the state from August to October.


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  • C. Franklin Church, MD

    Optimal management and cost control necessitates and requires a competent primary physician. For the AMH to work efficiently, all patients must be assigned to a physician, and all necessary and required testing must be ordered by the patient’s managing physician or must be forwarded to the managing physician to be a part of the patient’s single permanent medical record. Only with a systems approach can the waste and exorbitant testing be appropriately curtailed.