Updated CQ’U’ Leadership Program Offers Distinct Training and Practice Help

The Kanof Institute for Physician Leadership’s (KIPL) Clinical Quality University (CQU) will soon be accepting applications for its 2018 class. This unique program features a team-based approach to fostering leadership as a practice strives to achieve the Triple Aim (i.e. enhancing a patient’s care experience; improving population health and reducing the per capita cost of health care).

The newly redesigned curriculum for this year-long course will give those still uncertain about how best to achieve quality improvement a special set of skills other programs do not offer. CQU aims to build leadership around proactively driving quality in a practice with a special emphasis on root cause analysis.

CQU is perfect for medium-sized practices that understand they need to work as a team to achieve the triple aim, but just aren’t quite sure how to do it.

Watch the Bulletin for more information on applying for this special program, which will begin in early March 2018.


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