The Move to Value is Showing Savings in NC

Six North Carolina Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) achieved savings and earned a check back as part of the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) in 2017, according to recently released data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The MSSP rewards ACOs for meeting cost savings and quality performance benchmarks by returning a share of those savings to the organization.

The North Carolina ACOs achieving this shared savings for 2017 are:

Coastal Carolina Quality Care in New Bern

  • Quality Score of 94 percent
  • Total Savings of $7.29 million
  • Earned Savings of $3.37 million

Duke Connected Care in Durham

  • Quality Score of 91.5 percent
  • Total Savings of $21.13 million
  • Earned Savings of $9.48 million

Pinehurst Accountable Care Network (PACN)

  • Quality Score of 89 percent
  • Total Savings of $4.8 million
  • Earned Savings of $2.1 million

CHESS MSSP based in High Point

  • Quality Score of 95 percent
  • Total Savings of $9.54 million
  • Earned Savings of $4.48 million

Coastal Plains Network based in Greenville

  • Quality Score of 89 percent
  • Total Savings of $8.95 million
  • Earned Savings of $3.9 million

Central Virginia Coalition of Health Care Providers (CVCHIP), which serves areas in Virginia and North Carolina

  • Quality = 83 percent
  • Total Savings = $3.56 million
  • Earned Savings = $1.45 million

Quality scores are based on meeting numerous benchmarks in areas including getting timely appointments, health education, effective communication with patients, screening for a variety of behaviors and conditions and hospital admissions and readmissions among many others.

Overall, the 2017 data shows that 60 percent of the more than 472 MSSP participants nationwide generated savings and that 34 percent met the benchmarks to earn shared savings.

The national organization representing ACOs, NAACOs, recently commissioned a study to assess whether the MSSP program is indeed generating savings for Medicare. The results show that MSSP ACOs reduced federal spending by $542 million after accounting for shared savings payments earned by the ACOs. The new study is discussed in the Health Affairs Blog.

Under the MSSP most ACOs do not bear financial risk for holding down spending and generated gross savings of $1.84 billion for Medicare in 2013–2015, nearly double the $954 million estimated by CMS, according to the study. Read the study results.

Closer to home, Duke Connected Care was celebrating its achievement.

“Duke Connected Care’s success is the result of a shared commitment between Duke Health and community providers to cultivate the culture, resources and partnerships necessary to measurably improve health outcomes for our patients,” said Devdutta Sangvai, MD, MBA, associate chief medical officer, DUHS, and executive director for Duke Connected Care.

Congratulations to all those NC ACOs achieving shared savings! If you would like to learn more about ACOs in North Carolina as well as access resources to help your practice make the move to value, the North Carolina Medical Society has a wealth of information. Please visit our Toward Accountable Care (TAC) Consortium website.


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