Snapshot: Nearly 50 Percent of NCMS Members Are At Least Somewhat Ready for Value-Based Care

Last week, the North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) took a quick ‘snapshot’ survey of our members’ attitudes on and readiness for the move to value-based care now underway. Enough members weighed in with their candid assessments within the 24-hour survey timeframe that pollsters would consider the results valid for such a statewide poll.

Here is some of what we learned:

  • About 47 percent of NC physicians and PAs are at least somewhat prepared for reimbursement models tied to performance.  About 32 percent are somewhat or completely unprepared for any shift to performance-based reimbursement.
  • Approximately 36 percent are at least somewhat willing to enter two-sided risk models that may require refunding payers for poor performance.
  • Over 57 percent believe insurance companies, including the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), stand to gain the most from value-based care.
  • Less than 2 percent believe providers stand to gain the most.

Open response comments included frequent mention of how patient responsibility needs to fit into the overall performance equation; the complexity of how to accurately measure quality health care; and the added burdens placed on physicians and PAs the shift entails.

“These survey results are one helpful indicator of our NCMS community’s opinions on value-based models and help inform the work of NCMS leadership and staff,” said NCMS President John Reynolds, MD. “As the largest statewide professional society representing physicians and PAs, our snapshot surveys tap a unique source of data on topics important to our membership, to policymakers and all health care stakeholders. These insights offer another way the NCMS can take a leadership role in the changing health care landscape.”

Thank you to those who took the December survey on value-based care. Watch your email for our January NCMS Snapshot Survey to be sent in early 2018 and make sure to complete it so your voice will be heard!


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