SB 577 – Funds/Est. Black Women & Girls Task Force

SB 577 – Funds/Est. Black Women & Girls Task Force

Primary Senate Sponsors: Sen. Natalie Murdock (D-Durham) Sen. Joyce Waddell (D-Mecklenburg); Sen. Ernestine Bazemore (D-Beaufort, Bertie, Martin, Northampton, Vance, Warren)


This bill establishes the North Carolina Black Women and Girls Task Force, an advisory committee with the following duties: (1) study the health and wealth disparities of black women and their impact; (2)  review educational justice principles for black girls and the impact of trauma to learning; (3) research all forms of violence to and on black women and girls; (4) consider the impact of the criminal and juvenile justice system on black women and girls; (5) examine the effect of political advocacy and engagement, employment, and health care, especially in the context of disparate impacts of COVID-19, cancer, stress disorders, high blood pressure, maternal morbidity and infant mortality, reproduction and other disparate health factors.

This bill also appropriates $500K in recurring funds for each year of the 2021-2023 fiscal biennium to the Department of Administration in recurring funds for the operation of the Task Force.


Filed – 4/6/2021


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