Results of Latest NCMS Snapshot Survey On Opioid Prescribing

Thank you to everyone who responded to this month’s North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) Snapshot survey on opioid prescribing. The results of our Snapshot surveys offer NCMS leadership further insight into your experience on important and timely topics in order to remain responsive to members.

Initial analysis of the results of the opioid prescribing survey show:

  • Members are well aware of the opioid abuse epidemic and the issues surrounding opioid prescribing, but would welcome more education and clarification on the recently enacted STOP Act and other opioid prescribing guidelines as well as on how to treat chronic pain.
  • Most respondents do check the Controlled Substance Reporting System before prescribing, but many still find it cumbersome and object to the legislative mandate to check it.
  • For those who were familiar with the North Carolina Medical Board’s Safe Opioid Prescribing Initiative, many thought it was a necessary mechanism to identify and address over-prescribing by physicians, but worried about intrusiveness.
  • Generally, those who responded do believe that physicians play a major role in stemming the opioid abuse epidemic.

The randomly selected winners of the $100 Amazon gift cards for completing recent Snapshot surveys include:

  • Donald Clarke, MD
  • Diane Alligood, MD
  • Dianna Howard, MD
  • Paul Fuchs, MD
  • Keegan Anthony Harkins, MD
  • Roger Austin, MD
  • Jennifer Hoover, MD
  • Marci Lait, MD
  • Matthew Chamberlain, MD

Congratulations to these survey respondents! Please watch for and participate in the next Snapshot survey to be emailed on June 13.


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