Power Hour: Self-Care and Wellness during Covid-19 (5/8/2020)

There has been an increased attention to stress and burnout among clinicians for some time. However, this unprecedented time of pandemic worry puts a new spin on how stress affects us in our everyday lives and how we can address that. Join a conversation around self-care and wellness that includes talking about healthy habits but also goes beyond to talk about handling loss of control both personally and professionally. How does, for example, organizational culture impact our well-being and what do we do when we feel we cannot do anything?

Franklin Walker, MBA, NCMS VP of Rural Health Systems Innovation, will moderate the conversation that features Cormac O’Donovan, MD, and Marion McCrary, MD, who both have a passion for wellness and stress reduction. They will talk about their respective experiences and knowledge around this important topic.

The weekly Power Hours are offered to you by Kanof Institute for Physician Leadership/ North Carolina Medical Society Foundation and aims to provide a forum for ongoing conversation, collaboration and community. Tune in to Power Hour on Fridays @ 1:00 PM to hear from different experts, decision makers and influencers on a variety of topics. The format is informal and conversational and sessions are easy to access through Zoom.


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