• Drug Enforcement Administration
  • Medical Research for Marijuana
  • Opposition to Automatic Refill Programs
  • Opioid Medication
  • Chronic Pain Management
  • Prescription Privileges
  • Prior Authorizations for Medications
  • Overly Restrictive Prescription Plans
  • Prescribing of Drugs by Non-Qualified Healthcare Providers
  • Internet and Telephone Prescribing and Dispensing
  • Illegal Diversion of Prescription Drugs
  • Drug Substitution
  • Dispensing of Drugs from Physician’s Office
  • Therapeutic Drug Substitution
  • Mandatory Restrictive Drug Formularies
  • Privacy of Physician Prescribing Data
  • Prescribing of Drugs for Off-Label Uses
  • Disposal of Medication
  • Increased Availability of Opioid Antagonists
  • The Electronic Discontinuation of Medications

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