Physicians Health Program Offered Help To Hundreds Last Year

The head of the North Carolina Physicians Health Program (NCPHP), Joe Jordan, Ph.D., presented an overview of the program’s 2017 annual report to the North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) Board of Directors at their meeting on Jan. 13. The statistics for 2017 show more physicians are self-referring to the NCPHP for problems like burnout and workplace stress – a growing concern in the health care community. Also notable was the fact that 24 percent of the 225 people who received services from the NCPHP last year were self-referrals – physicians who identified a problem and sought help from the NCPHP on their own.

Jordan also shared results of exit surveys of program participants, which revealed the vast majority of respondents (90.5 percent) felt NCPHP contributed to “feeling better off” than when they first presented for services.  Most of the survey respondents were participating in NCPHP due to substance related issues (66.67 percent), followed by workplace stress (28.6 percent) and anxiety (28.6 percent).

“It’s inspiring to see physicians being self-aware and seeking out help when needed,” Jordan said. “We’re also encouraged that NCPHP is seen as helpful and is a positive influence on personal, professional and interpersonal areas of life.”


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