Physician Wellness


We know the health care system is changing rapidly and for some physicians this is at great personal cost – loss of job satisfaction, burnout, clinical depression and, the worst-case scenario, suicide. As your professional society, we believe YOUR well-being is paramount.


With your help, we’re ready to devote significant resources to YOUR well-being to help you rediscover the joy of practicing medicine and the beauty of reconnecting with your patients. For 2021 and 2022, our efforts include addressing the culture surrounding stress and burnout, both at the individual and organizational level.  We will convene stakeholders from across the state to discuss and share best practices. We will also include propose education efforts as well as build our financial resources. 

As we continue to build this website with resources that can be helpful to you, please send us your ideas and resources you think would be important to share here on our feedback form

During this challenging time, one important resource is Physician Support Online:

Physician Support Line was created with the mission of physicians supporting physicians as we navigate the many professional and personal intersections of our lives. For many of our colleagues, antiBlack racism, including police brutality, is an undeniable detriment to every aspect of their mental well-being.


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