Leadership College


Find the Leadership College Class of 2020 Projects here!

NOTE: Class of 2021 complete: Please submit interest form for class of 2022 (start date October 2021)


As healthcare rapidly evolves and changes, more than ever we need clinicians to step up as leaders to safeguard the quality of patient care and to protect the profession of medicine. The KIPL Leadership College Program is a nationally renowned, project-based curriculum designed to foster your leadership skills so that you can lead and impact healthcare, in your workplace as well as your community. Established in 2003, the Leadership College has graduated over 500 participants, the majority of whom go on to take leadership positions within their profession and/or other organizations. Learn more about the program and apply today – enrollment is limited.

The requirements to participate in the year-long program are:

  • The endorsement of your nominating organization;
  • A willingness to grow professionally and personally.

FOR THE 2022CLASS, PLEASE FILL OUT THE APPLICATION FORM and submit to Aubrey Cuthbertson,  acuthbertson@ncmedsoc.org.

If you are interested in learning more about the program, please fill out the INTEREST FORM or contact Aubrey Cuthbertson,  acuthbertson@ncmedsoc.org or (919) 833-3836.