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Employed Physician Resources Available through the NCMS

Increasingly, physicians are making the decision to enter into employment arrangements with health systems and hospitals. There are several forces behind this trend, including growing administrative burdens of private practice, a sense that there will be a competitive advantage to aligning with a larger health care system and the promise of a more manageable work-private life balance.

However, entering into employment is a particularly complex decision for physicians, who must weigh these factors against the need to maintain clinical autonomy to provide best medical care possible to patients. The NCMS and its partners have gathered together several resources to help physicians who are moving into an employment situation  to assist in this transition.

Employment Contract Review

Contract negotiation is critical to a successful Physician-Employer relationship. But often physicians don’t know their obligations and underestimate their negotiating power. The NCMS has partnered with Poyner Spruill, LLP to offer NCMS members substantial savings on expert review of employment contracts. This expert review service helps members avoid risks such as unfair non-compete clauses, unfavorable scheduling, and inadequate liability protection. Special pricing is also available to Residents. For more information, contact Poyner Spruill at (919) 783-6400 or email contact@poynerspruill.com.

From Poyner Spruill: Understanding Physician Employment Agreements: The Employee’s Perspective

Model Medical Staff Bylaws

The Medical Staff bylaws, including the fair hearing plan, is the key agreement establishing the relationship between Physicians and the Hospital, and between the Medical Staff and its individual members. The NCMS has published the Model Medical Staff Bylaws (PDF), which includes provisions that comply with the Joint Commission Medical Staff Standard MS.01.01.01 that went into effect on March 31, 2011.

Legal Analysis of Medical Staff Bylaws

Clear, comprehensive, well-balanced bylaws are important to the success of a hospital medical staff. How well do yours stack up? NCMS partner Poyner Spruill, LLP offers members analysis and comment on existing medical staff bylaws. Basic, Expanded, Full analysis arrangements are offered at discounted hourly rates, with optional services such as expedited review and presentation to the Medical Staff. Click here for more information on Poyner Spruill’s Bylaws Analysis service (PDF) or contact Poyner Spruill directly at (919) 783-6400, contact@poynerspruill.com.

Other Employed Physician Resources

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