Oversight Committee on Education – GME Update

The Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Education met on April 3, 2018.

Rep. John Fraley (R-Iredell) presented on behalf of the the Joint Subcommittee on Medical Education and Medical Residency Programs.

The goal of this committee was to develop a proposal for a statewide plan to maximize the short and long term health needs of North Carolina.

Rep. Fraley noted that there were some delays in getting all of the members of the committee appointed. The committee met February 12 and March 1. He noted that the presentations had provided meaningful background information. Their final report states that there is a continuing interest in examining the health care needs. They recommended to encourage the General Assembly to continue to push forward with these efforts. The final report will be due in March 2020.

Sen. David Curtis (R-Gaston) stated that the Committee on Access to Healthcare in Rural North Carolina would also be recommending providing more residencies in rural areas.

The recommendation to move the final report date to March 2020 was approved unanimously by the committee.


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