NLDC Region 4 Candidate: Gregory F. Evans, MD

Gregory F. Evans, MD

Specialty:  Radiology

Practice:  Wilkes Medical Center, North Wilkesboro

Type of practice:  Rural/ small town (small hospital and outpatient setting).  Our hospital and medical community has just been taken over by a large health care network.  Currently, I am in private practice but I have been asked to become an employee.

Medical School:  University of Manchester, UK.

Why I am seeking this position: Health care is currently undergoing rapid fundamental and irreversible changes.  Many of the changes are being driven by strong outside influences and interests. If physicians do not become more involved in the decision-making, other people will. It is therefore essential that physicians go out there and seek leadership positions to help shape the future and preserve the special relationship between the patients and their physicians.  I can think of no greater honor than representing my fellow colleagues in trying to promote physician leadership as a member of the North Carolina Medical Society Nominating and Leadership Committee.

The top three issues facing physicians and PAs in North Carolina today are: 1) Erosion of physician independence and autonomy. With increasing number of health care decisions being made outside of the doctor’s office by business and management, there is a corresponding erosion of the autonomy and independence of the physician.  The large proportion of physicians now being directly employed by these organizations as opposed to private practice exacerbates this and poses a special challenge to the physician–patient relationship.  The boundaries between competing and potentially conflicting loyalties to our employers and patients have yet to be fully resolved and understood by all. After all, we would never want a patient to wonder whether the referral we are making for them is actually the best option for them, or whether it is the best option for our employer. 2) Access to health care.  In an attempt to reduce health care cost and expenditure, many organizations have reduced patient access to health care. These restrictions may affect certain patient groups disproportionately and be discriminatory (for example chronic illness, pre-existing conditions etc.). We want the best for all our patients. 3) Physician burnout epidemic. We have to seriously address this issue. We have to take care of each other as well as our patients.


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