NLDC Region 1 Candidate: Jugta Kahai, MD, FAAP

Jugta Kahai, MD, FAAP

Specialty:  Pediatrics

Practice:  Southeast Pediatrics, Whiteville

Type of Practice: Independent Practice

Medical School:  MS Ramaiah-Bangalore

Why I am seeking this position:

At this crucial juncture in medicine, more than ever before, our Medical Society leadership is critical to represent us in a responsible yet powerful manner. I would like to contribute to ensure our future leaders echo my sentiments and work towards the betterment of medicine in North Carolina.

The top three issues facing physicians and PAs in North Carolina today are:

  1. Major healthcare and social policy decisions are made without the input of North Carolina’s Medical leadership.
  2. Too few physicians and providers advocate for our issues and even fewer staying involved in a meaningful manner.
  3. Mental health care completely inadequate for the rural and underserved areas.

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