New Research Center Focuses on Physician Leadership and Practice

The Physicians Foundation Center for the Study of Physician Practice and Leadership at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York launched on April 11. The Center seeks to document challenges facing physicians in medical practice and define those practice models that help physicians provide high-quality, high-value care to patients. The Physicians Foundation, which has supported North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) leadership development programs in the past among other initiatives around the move to value-based care, is funding the Center.

“We at the Physicians Foundation have closely observed the mounting administrative and regulatory burdens placed on practicing physicians across the U.S. In many cases, time with patients is sacrificed to absorb these additional requirements, while also reducing physician’s autonomy when it comes to patient care,” said Walker Ray, MD, President of The Physicians Foundation. “Physician leadership is a core value of the Foundation and, together with Weill Cornell Medicine, we are certain we can identify new approaches and solutions to drive positive change in the practice of medicine.”

Over the last 25 years, the Director of the new Center, Lawrence Casalino, MD, PhD, MPH, Chief, Division of Health Policy and Economics at Weill Cornell, has focused on identifying ways to create a more effective health care delivery system. His published findings have examined such issues as the comparative performance of different types of provider organization; how reporting processes to health insurers can be costly and inefficient; how small practices can rival large practices with lower rates of preventable hospital readmissions; possible unintended consequences of value-based purchasing; and the importance of socioeconomic factors in creating disparities in health and health care.

“Developing physician leaders and seeking out innovative new practice models is central to the NCMS’ mission and vision,” said NCMS CEO Robert W. Seligson, who also serves as treasurer of The Physicians Foundation. “The Center’s findings will no doubt enhance our leadership development programs and as we assess future policy proposals at both the state and federal levels.”

Recently, a key internal advisor and Director of Policy Dissemination for the initiative, Dhruv Khullar MD, MPP, an Instructor at Weill Cornell Medicine’s Department of Healthcare Policy and Research, mentioned the Center’s work in an article titled “We’re Bad at Evaluating Risk. How Doctors Can Help?” in The New York Times. Read the article. (Registration with The New York Times may be necessary to read this article.)

Learn more about the Center at The Physicians Foundation website.


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