NCMS Responds to Senate’s Latest Medicaid Reform Proposal

In response to the North Carolina Senate’s latest proposal to reform the state’s Medicaid system, the North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) issued this response from NCMS CEO, Robert W. Seligson:

“The Senate’s new proposal to upend North Carolina’s Medicaid program would harm our state’s most vulnerable patients. And it deprives North Carolina of valuable input from the physician community, which offers unsurpassed clinical experience, and a deep commitment to improving our state’s Medicaid system without hurting patients. The Senate preference for corporate managed care disregards the hard, productive work over the past year to craft a consensus Medicaid reform plan that provides more financial certainty for the state without compromising patient care. It goes against the direction recommended by the medical experts in Gov. McCrory’s administration. We urge legislators to reject this proposal and support the House Medicaid reform plan so we can provide the best, most cost-efficient health care to all our patients.”

You can take action today by reaching out to your senator and asking him/her to vote “no” on Medicaid HMOs.

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