NCMS Responds to NC State Treasurer’s Call for Cost-Saving Strategies

The North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) responded in a letter to NC State Treasurer Dale Folwell’s call for short- and long-term approaches to rein in health care costs for the State Employees Health Plan. Folwell had made his request at a meeting with the NCMS and other health care organizations on July 18. Read the Bulletin article about this meeting.

NCMS President-elect Timothy Reeder, MD, MPH, responded on behalf of the NCMS with alternative cost-saving strategies to the $300 million in provider rate cuts Folwell intends to implement. He also invited Folwell to continue the conversation with the health care community as an opportunity to learn more about what currently is working to reduce health care costs. Read Dr. Reeder’s letter.


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  • Kerry Allen Willis

    State Employees Heath Plan already pays hospital on a modified DRG approach or semibundled payment plan. I fail to see how this suggestion would result in the savings requested by Treasurer Folwell.
    You should have read my comment that detailed real savings from last week that contained tangible and real methods for producing the savings requested. Responses such as this are why Doctors aren’t taken seriously when responding to business concerns.

  • Gregory Temas, MD

    Why did you not include the hundreds of millions of dollars that can be saved by getting rid of the far outdated CON restrictions on independent outpatient ASC’s? You mention Tennessee saving money bundling cases, but you didn’t mention hospitals ended up with most of the profit while surgeons took deep discounts. NC is one of the last states to embrace subsidizing hospital based surgeries at the expense of EVERYONE in the state. Look at the numbers just for cataract surgery alone: ASC cost to BCBS (patient): less than $1000. Cost to BCBS from Hospital Based ASC’s: $4000 – $12,000! This is PER eye! The best way to reduce healthcare costs is to go to less expensive independent outpatient ASC’s. Using hospitals for procedures that can almost be done in-office is a criminal waste of the few healthcare dollars we have. To keep reducing physician payments should be illegal when every other profession, occupation, even Social support benefits rises. NOBODY has taken the cuts we have, yet healthcare costs have exponentially increased. Why are physicians being punished for costs we really CANNOT control? Raise physician payments, reduce hospital reimbursements and cut pharmacy charges and you’ll see American Healthcare become Great again!