What is the NCMS PAC?

The NCMS PAC is a voluntary committee organized to support state and federal political candidates in North Carolina. As a political action committee, NCMS PAC complies with all state and federal campaign laws, including candidate contribution limits and donor discloure requirements. The committee is governed by the NCMS PAC Board of Directors and staffed by members of the NCMS External Affairs team.

Who is the NCMS PAC parent entity?

NCMS PAC parent entity is the North Carolina Medical Society. The NCMS provides the professional staff and office facilities required to maintain the NCMS PAC.

Who may join NCMS PAC?

NCMS PAC membership is open to any individual who wishes to contribute. It is important to note, however, that NCMS PAC staff will only solicit investments only from NCMS members.

Where do NCMS PAC dollars go?

Funds raised by the NCMS PAC are invested in elective races.

Is a NCMS PAC contribution tax deductible?

No. Contributions made to a political action committee are not tax deductible and must be made by personal funds and/or post-tax dollars.

Who decides which candidates receive NCMS PAC support?

All NCMS PAC contributions are approved by the NCMS PAC Board of Directors. The NCMS Government Affairs staff researches candidates and legislative districts in NC and makes contribution recommendations to the Board. Candidates are evaluated individually, based on a subjective criteria. That criteria includes, but is not limited to, positions on issues important to medicine, electability (district demographics), and relationships with local physicians.

Which political party does NCMS PAC support?

The NCMS PAC is nonpartisan and does not affiliate with any political party. The platform of the individual candidates, Board recommendations, and local physician involvement determine who NCMS PAC supports – not the candidate’s party affiliation.

How much money can I contribute to the NCMS PAC?

A contributor may not give more than $5,000 per election to a state PAC. Therefore, if there is a primary  and general election, the contributor may give $5,000 through the day of the primary and an additional $5,000 from the day after the primary through the general election.

How much can the NCMS PAC give to a candidate?

A state PAC is limited to contributing $5,000 per candidate per election. These elections include primary, second primary or ‘runoff,’ and general elections. 

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