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August 6, 2021

NC AHEC Practice Support Services

The NC Area Health Education Centers’ (NC AHEC) mission is to recruit, train and retain the state’s health care workforce so that high quality and low-cost care is available to all North Carolinians.

NC AHEC provides practice support to independent primary care and specialty care practices, federally qualified health centers, rural health clinics and health departments with primary care services across North Carolina and at no cost. These services are delivered via practice support coaches to work with clinicians and staff to address areas of need.

With nine regional AHEC centers across the state, the coaches are positioned to promptly respond to your needs via 1:1 assistance and through NC AHEC’s suite of virtual educational programs on a variety of important topics. These services include Medicaid managed care education and issue resolution, Advanced Medical Home tier support, quality improvement across all payors including Medicare and Medicaid, EHR optimization, telehealth, NC Health Connex training and optimization, clinical workflow redesign, billing and coding, and comprehensive practice assessments.

More information about NC AHEC is available here.

To request Practice Support services, please contact

Resident Training Licenses Must be Updated Manually

As a reminder, Resident Training Licenses (RTLs) must be updated manually in NCTracks; they are not updated automatically with the NC Medical Board (NCMB) file. Providers should submit a Mange Change Request (MCR) to update the provider record with this information.

To submit an MCR:

  1. Visit the NCTracks Secure Provider Portal
  2. Navigate to the Status and Management Page
  3. Locate the appropriate NPI/Atypical ID in the Manage Change Request Section
  4. Select the NPI/Atypical ID and click Update
  5. Complete and submit the MCR application

Issue with NCTracks Eyeglass Prior Approval Requests

NCTracks is aware of an issue involving the NCTracks Provider Portal. The portal is not accepting prior approval (PA) requests for eyeglasses entered with only a Sphere value. When only the Sphere value is entered, an error message is returned stating, “Either Cylinder Right or Axis Right needs to have a value.” As a temporary work around, to force the PA request to be suspended for review and correction in NCTracks before being transmitted to Nash Optical Plant for fabrication, providers should make the following entries:

  1. For any prescription (Rx), right or left lens, that contains a cylinder correction, enter the actual Rx for that lens.
  2. For any Rx, right or left lens, that is spherical (does not have a cylinder/axis value),
  • Enter the 0.01 in the Cylinder field and 001 in the Axis field.
  • In the ‘Notes for Optical Lab’ field, type ‘no cylinder’ and indicate Right, Left or Both lens(es).

The NCTracks team will review the request and correct the Rx entry before transmitting to Nash Optical Plant.

In the News

Candida Auris: 8 Updates On The Drug-Resistant Fungus, Becker’s Hospital Review, 8-3-21

Learning Opportunity

Healthy Blue NC Office Hours, Ongoing Dates

These forums will cover claim issues, tools, and resources.

View and Download Healthy Blue NC Office Hours schedule here.


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