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July 2, 2021

In observance of the July 4 holiday, the NCMS will be closed Monday, July 5. Your NCMS Morning Rounds will resume Tuesday, July 6. We hope you have a happy, safe and healthy holiday!

NC Medical Board Podcast: Controlled Substances Reporting System (CSRS) Mandatory Reporting Requirement from the STOP Act

In this episode of MedBoard Matters, host, Jean Fisher Brinkley reviews the STOP Act requirement to check the NC Controlled Substances Reporting System (NC CSRS) before prescribing certain controlled substances, which goes in effect next week on July 7, 2021. Jean also talks with Stephanie Johnson, Manager of the PDMP Utilization Project for NC CSRS about recent updates to the system and the ease of practice integration through EHR systems.

Listen here.

Changes to Fingerprinting Requirements

Recent changes to federal regulations at 42 CFR 424.518(D) impact requirements for fingerprint-based background checks for some providers.

In accordance with 42 CFR 455.410(a), the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) requires state Medicaid agencies to screen providers for “categorical risk” according to the provisions of Part 455 subpart E. Providers who are designated as “high categorical risk” under 42 CFR 424.518 and NCGS 108C-3, and, any person with a 5 percent or more direct or indirect ownership interest in the organization, as defined in 42 CFR 455.101, must submit a set of fingerprints to NC Medicaid through its enrollment vendor, GDIT, via the secure provider portal, NCTracks.

Until recently, fingerprint results submitted through NCTracks were valid for a period of six months. However, for some, the period of time for which fingerprints are valid now extends to five years.

Regulations at 42 CFR 424.518 have been revised to require that a provider, or any person with a 5 percent or greater direct or indirect ownership interest in the provider who has submitted a set of fingerprints within the past five years, as an owner on a separate and newly enrolling provider, is not required to submit a new set of fingerprints. NC Medicaid will rely on the results from the previous fingerprint submission.

More information on the fingerprinting application process, including additional resources, frequently asked questions and locations for fingerprinting services, can be found in the NCTracks Fingerprinting Application Required Job Aid

Update Expiring Credentials to Avoid Claims Suspension

NCTracks continues sending reminder notifications to providers through the NCTracks Provider Message Center Inbox detailing the requirement to update the identified provider’s expiring credentials in order to avoid suspension and potential termination from the NC Medicaid program. For providers in suspension status, claims pend and will not pay. This is an ongoing process which began with system changes that were implemented on May 9, 2021.  If an expiring credential (licenses, certifications and accreditations) is not updated, a reminder notice is sent at 60 days, 30 days, 14 days and seven days prior to the expiration date. Providers must submit a Manage Change Request (MCR) to update an expirable as early as possible and to allow for the approximate 10-day MCR processing timeframe.

For help, refer to the NCTracks User Guide, How to Add or Update Licensing and Accreditation on the Provider Profile.

Important to note: Because of the processing timeframe for MCRs, providers must submit the MCR to update their credential in time for processing to complete, prior to expiration.

In the News

Can Graying Hair Be Reversed? Here’s What New Research Says, Advisory Board, 6-29-21

Learning Opportunity

2021 American Conference on Physician Health, Thursday, Oct. 7 through Saturday, Oct. 9

Plan now to attend the 2021 American Conference on Physician Health (ACPH) joint scientific conference that promotes scientific research and discourse on health system infrastructure, and the actionable steps organizations like yours can take to improve physician well-being.

Sponsored jointly by the Mayo Clinic, Stanford University and the American Medical Association, this year’s conference theme is, “Achieving the quadruple aim: Resilient systems in times of crisis.” Look forward to participating in topical and relevant sessions with presenters and attendees from around the globe, while gaining valuable knowledge and information about best practices and tools to improve professional satisfaction in your medical practice.

Learn more and register here.


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