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June 5, 2019

NCMS Committee Selects Election Slate

The NCMS Nominating and Leadership Development Committee, chaired by NCMS Immediate Past President John L. Reynolds, MD, met last weekend to interview the candidates for leadership positions in the coming year. Committee members spoke with all eight candidates for open positions on the NCMS Board of Directors, the NC AMA Delegation and on the committee itself, and then decided on the slate for the upcoming election.

The following individuals were selected:

  • NCMS President-Elect: Philip M. Brown, Jr., MD
    • NCMS Board of Directors Region 2 Representative: Holly Biola, MD
    • NCMS Board of Directors At-Large Member: Merritt Seshul, MD
    • NC AMA Delegate: Mary Ann Contogiannis, MD and John Fagg, MD
    • NC AMA Alternate Delegate: Dev Sangvai, MD
    • Nominating and Leadership Development Committee Region 1: Edward Ricciardelli, MD
    • Nominating and Leadership Development Committee Region 2: Jeff Runge, MD and Vipul Shah, MD
    • Nominating and Leadership Development Committee Region 3: Docia Hickey, MD, Jim Hill, PA-C and Janice Huff, MD
    • Nominating and Leadership Development Committee Region 4: Frank Melvin, MD and Scott Paviol, MD

All NCMS members will be able to vote on the slate of candidates beginning on Sept. 19 with the election results announced at the NCMS’ Annual Business meeting at the LEAD Health Care Conference in Raleigh on Oct. 4. You must be an active NCMS member in order to vote. If you have not yet paid your 2019 dues, here is the link to do so.

Watch your NCMS Morning Rounds to learn more about the candidates and the upcoming voting process.

NCMS Participates in Racial Equity Sessions

Several NCMS staff members recently attended a session on racial equity presented by the Racial Equity Institute (REI). The Institute is founded on the principle that “racism is a fierce, ever-present, challenging force, which has structured the thinking, behavior and actions of individuals and institutions since the beginning of US history. To understand racism and effectively begin dismantling it requires an equally fierce, consistent and committed effort.”

The recent 3-hour session, “A Groundwater Approach to Racial Equity,” focused on how systemic racism impacts outcomes in many areas including health care. The presenters, Deborah Stroman, PhD, of REI and a University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill faculty member and Stephanie Baker, PhD, an Elon University faculty member, provided examples of how the impact of racial inequity is consistent across health care, educational, criminal justice and child welfare systems. The presenters also noted that socio-economic difference does not explain racial inequity.

To further deepen our understanding of racial equity in order to work toward it more effectively, NCMS staff members will continue our education efforts by attending an REI workshop in July.

Dr. Aurelius Named NC Chief Medical Examiner

Last week, Michelle Aurelius, MD, was officially named as the state’s Chief Medical Examiner for the North Carolina Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (NC OCME).
Aurelius has served North Carolina as Deputy Chief Medical Examiner since 2015, and more recently as Interim Chief Medical Examiner. Prior to joining the NC OCME team, Aurelius was Assistant Chief Medical Investigator and Hospital Autopsy Director for the New Mexico Office of the Medical Investigator.

She holds triple board certifications in anatomic, clinical, and forensic pathology. She has performed and supervised more than 3,500 autopsies, reviewed over 6,000 medicolegal death investigation reports and has testified in state and federal courts.

“In her new role, Dr. Aurelius will continue to provide leadership and administration for NC OCME, which includes autopsy, forensic toxicology, forensic pathology and medicolegal death investigation,” said Beth Lovette, MPH, Interim Director of the Division of Public Health. “Her experiences are motivated on improving medicolegal death investigation and forensic pathology at local, state and national levels.”

The OCME is a branch in the Epidemiology Section of the NC Division of Public Health. The North Carolina Medical Examiner System is a network of medical doctors and allied medical experts to see that deaths of a suspicious, unusual or unnatural nature are adequately investigated.

Fun fact: Dr. Aurelius also was Mrs. North Carolina International in 2017, and advocated for the American Heart Association among other causes. Watch a video about Dr. Aurelius.

Congratulations on your new appointment!

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Learning Opportunity

The 2019 Physician Consortium for Performance Improvement (PCPI) will hold its annual conference, “The Quality Landscape: Charting the Course for Success,” on Nov. 10-12 in Chicago. The focus will be on population and patient-centered care and using data for maximum impact. Learn more.


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