Program Eligibility & Application


Are you eligible?

Are you a primary care physician, physician assistant, or family nurse practitioner?
Do you have a willingness/desire to live and work in an underserved, often rural, part of the state?
Do you and your family have a willingness to become an active participant in the local community?
Does your practice care for its fair share (or better) of underserved populations?  (Note that the ideal payer mix to be considered for this program would be a combined Medicaid and Indigent population of 50% or more.)
Is your practice site in a documented health manpower shortage area, medically underserved area or economically distressed area?

Find shortage areas: HPSA by state and county

Meet the criteria above? Apply Today!

Please contact the North Carolina Office of Rural Health to find out if you are eligible for state or federal loan repayment assistance before applying to the CPP Program.

To apply to the Community Practitioner Program, download an application (PDF) now. Applications should be returned to Community Practitioner Program, 222 N. Person Street, Raleigh, NC  27601 or by email to

For additional information on the program, download a list of PROGRAM FAQs.

Questions? Please contact the NCMS Foundation Project Coordinator, Ayesha Andrews at, (919) 833-3836.

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