NCMS BOD Region 4 Rep: Rachel D. Keever, MD, CPE, FACC

Rachel D. Keever, MD, CPE, FACC 

Specialty: Adult Cardiology

Practice:  Asheville, NC

Type of practice:  Hospital-owned practice

Medical School:  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Why I am seeking this position: I am a lifelong resident of North Carolina and have been active in the North Carolina Medical Society for more than fifteen years. In my conversations with physicians and PA’s from around the state, I realize that despite different geographies, practice structures, and arenas of training, there are many common problems in medical practice. The Medical Society is a state-wide multispecialty coalition uniquely suited to tackle these issues. I hope to use my clinical practice experience and formal training in the business of healthcare to advocate for better policy, law, and practice in medicine. Ultimately, I hope to be part of a board that elevates the care of our patients, preserves the integrity and intellectual work of medicine, and protects our professional legacy for the next generation.

The top three issues facing physicians and PA’s in North Carolina today are: I believe the most important challenge facing physicians and PAs today is maintaining unity within the profession. It is essential to work together to create a consensus voice to direct the next change cycle in rapid healthcare transformation. There are multiple serious challenges such as defining scope of practice, formulating a substance abuse crisis response, and curtailing insurance regulation that we can directly impact if we develop and strengthen this unity.           In North Carolina, organizing and caring for the state’s most disadvantaged through active engagement in Medicaid reform is a top priority based in our long-standing ethics of service. I also feel strongly that we need electronic health record interface redesign. Physicians need to be outfitted with technology and tools, matched to our expertise as providers, to improve the experience of caring for patients. The lack of purpose-designed and efficient EHR tools has become a threat to the sustainability of medical practice. The longstanding debate over national healthcare financing still looms over North Carolina as we move into the next decade.



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