NCMS BOD Region 2 Rep: Edward W. Whitesides, MD

Edward W. Whitesides, MD     

Specialty:  Urology

Practice:  Urology Associates, Wilmington, NC

Type of practice:  Independent single specialty group urology practice

Medical School:  UNC-Chapel Hill

Why I am seeking this position: There have been monumental changes in the practice of medicine over the past few years.  While we have ever improving treatment methods at our disposal, it seems like being able to deliver them to our patients is becoming ever more complicated.  I have become at times frustrated, at other times overwhelmed and angered by the mazes that I must navigate to do my job.  Rather than give up and burn out, I desire to become more involved in learning the legislative processes that are influencing our profession and hopefully be able to advocate for our profession.  There is only one physician in the NC legislature, and he alone cannot do all the work required.   The NCMS offers excellent support for the medical profession and provides important information to educate legislators and protect our profession.  I would like to join this team and take a more active role in shaping what it means to practice medicine in NC.

The top three issues facing physicians and PAs in North Carolina today are: 1) Patient access to care.  Whether due to lack of facilities or particular specialties in an area or lack of insurance/financing to pay for care, patient access is a top priority.  What is it to be a physician if the people who need help cannot get to you?  2) Autonomy in practice—whether due to prior authorization or EMR requirements or scope of practice issues—there is an undermining of the role of the physician in directing and delivering effective patient care.  3) Factionalism—whether specialty vs. specialty or rural vs. urban or employed vs. independent physician—divisiveness among providers can inhibit optimum patient care.


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