NCMS BOD At-Large Candidate: Carl J. Westcott, MD

Carl J. Westcott, MD         

Specialty:  General Surgery

Practice:  Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, Winston-Salem

Type of practice:  University based surgery. Specialty in foregut and MIS surgery.

Medical School:  Drexel University School of Medicine

Why I am seeking this position: I will try to represent the interests of all North Carolina physicians. I feel health better care legislation is tied to the quality of life in North Carolina. Patients and physicians need a proper framework of laws to ensure health care delivery is private, confidential, unbiased and safe.

The top three issues facing physicians and PAs in North Carolina today are: 1) Managing quality measures — the move from volume-based to quality-based reimbursement may be, in part, inevitable. That said, physicians must be in control of defining, monitoring and managing the indicators of quality.  2) Independence for physicians professionally and economically has been and presently continues to decline.  Reimbursement reductions and payers’ increased administrative requirements on physicians is erasing freestanding physician practices and physician independence in general. Adding to this, those physicians who are employed are pressured into supporting corporate cultures sometimes against their professional and ethical inclinations. In addition, commercialism in medicine is directing importance away from a medical opinion and more toward national marketing campaigns. 3) Commercialism: Influx of commercial influence in medicine has put pressure on patient and physician interaction. There is no denying that commercial advancements are critical to advancing health care discovery and innovation.  And that is good and necessary and needed. But other business interests work against physicians and patients. Recently the likes of Apple and Google, among others, are planning to change the way health care is delivered and paid for.  Physicians need to be at the table and steering these debates and decisions, so that we can tailor the laws that control our own destiny. If you are not at the table, you are on the menu.


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