NCMS and NCHA Members Reveal Most Needed Opioid Prescribing Resources

The North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) and the NC Hospital Association recently surveyed the respective memberships to find out what opioid prescribing education and resources would be most valuable. Alternative pain management treatment options for both acute and chronic pain topped the list, according to survey results. After that the most valuable information would be, in descending order:

  • Education and resources about the STOP Act and CDC Guidelines for safe prescribing;
  • Education and resources on best practices for weaning patients off opioids/benzos/etc.;
  • Prevention, signs/symptoms and treatment options for addiction and abuse of opioids;
  • Resources listing treatment/counseling/rehabilitation facilities (short and long term) across the state;
  • Education on best practices in treating pregnant women and babies addicted to opioids/benzos/etc.;
  • Education on best practices for chronic pain management, specifically in the primary care realm.

The NCMS currently is examining how best to address these needs for our members as well as working in tandem with other organizations so as not to duplicate efforts. Watch the Bulletin for updates on this work.


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