NC Rep. Greg Murphy, MD Addresses Colleagues at NCMS 2017 Annual Business Meeting

dr. greg murphyRep. Greg Murphy, MD, a practicing urologist from Greenville, an NCMS member and the only physician member of the North Carolina General Assembly, spoke to his fellow North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) members at the Society’s Annual Business Meeting on Saturday, Sept. 16.

He gave a brief refresher on the legislative process; offered a summary of key recent legislation that impacts medical practice in the state, including the STOP Act to help stem the opioid abuse crisis, scope of practice and insurance regulatory issues; and reminded his colleagues of the importance of building a relationship with their elected officials.

He also spoke about the insights he has gained since becoming an elected official having never been involved in politics before.

“Lobbyists are like drug reps on steroids,” he said, noting that while the lobbyists offer education on issues, he has a rule that if they “lie to me once, [they]’re not allowed back in my office.” Dr. Murphy encouraged his fellow physicians to establish rapport with their legislators so when complicated health care policies are being debated, the legislator has someone to call to get a physician’s perspective.

Also at the Business Meeting, NCMS Secretary-Treasurer Timothy Reeder, MD, presented the Board’s report to members. The documents are posted on the NCMS website for all members to review and include the audited financials, the strategic plan and the dates and locations for the 2018 Board of Directors Meetings.


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