NC Legislative Short Session Starts Today

Dr. Richard M. Wardrop, III (second from right), and six UNC School of Medicine students attended the first White Coat Wednesday of 2018’s legislative short session. Check out our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds for more photos.

Legislators officially returned to Raleigh today to begin the General Assembly’s short legislative session amid a massive rally by teachers. While the teachers got much of the media attention, North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) members, including students from the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, were there for White Coat Wednesday to educate legislators on our priority health care issues.

The short session is primarily focused on tweaking the biennial budget, but the NCMS will be monitoring any legislation that might impact our legislative priorities:

  • Medicaid reform: We are working hard to ensure a streamlined and physician-friendly approach to the transformation of the state’s Medicaid program to managed care.
  • Improved access to care: We support expanding Medicaid so the working poor and those who can’t afford health insurance have the opportunity to get coverage and thus remove barriers to receiving health care.
  • Scope of practice: We are promoting cooperative health care teams that are crucial to the success of the transformation of our health care system while making sure that everyone on the team has the proper training. Patient safety is, of course, our top priority.
  • Protecting our tort reform victory: We will vehemently oppose any erosion of the reforms we won in 2011 while considering any necessary refinements.
  • Opioid abuse epidemic: We will continue to address this issue by advocating for policies that address all facets of this problem as well as the various education and coalition building initiatives we have underway.

Throughout this session, we offer you many ways to keep up-to-date.

  • Read the NCMS Legislative Blog for daily updates throughout the session.
  • Follow @ncmedsoc on Twitter and Facebook for real time updates.
  • Watch the weekly ‘Bowtie Briefing’ video during the session, in which our Senior Vice President for Advocacy and Advancement and Associate General Counsel Chip Baggett gives you the inside look at what is happening at the General Assembly. This video is emailed to NCMS members each Friday.
  • Read the NCMS Bulletin every other Wednesday.
  • If you want to be directly engaged with your legislators, sign up for a White Coat Wednesday. Our advocacy team will brief you over breakfast and then escort you to the legislative building for meetings with your legislators to discuss what is important to you and your patients. Sign up now.

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