Independent Practice PPE Distribution Program

You told us you need PPE. The NCMS provides solutions.

The November 15th application deadline to receive free PPE from the NCMS legislative appropriation has now passed; however, PPE group purchasing options are still available through ActionPPE.

Please note: if your practice applied by the Nov. 15th deadline, you will receive your products. PPE products are being shipped daily, and we anticipate practices receiving all items by no later than December 15th . If you are unsure if your practice signed up before the deadline or if you would like an update as to your order’s status, please contact Jennifer Crowley or Kathy Scott.

Please be sure to thank your local elected official for working with the NCMS to provide you needed PPE. Hearing directly from you helps them understand the true impact of their decisions. The NCMS is grateful to play a small role in keeping you safe and your doors open to your patients.

Jennifer Crowley Jennifer Crowley
PPE Project Manager
Kathy Scott Kathy Scott
PPE Project Assistant
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