NC Consortium Advances Physician Wellness; Sparks September Summit

Over the past few years, physician burnout has become such a pressing issue that several independent health organizations in North Carolina, including the North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) came together in a consortium dedicated to discussing how best to address burnout and physician wellness and to provide resources and help where needed. Consortium members recently addressed a national conference and are busy organizing a Summit of thought leaders on physician wellness for this September in Raleigh.

When Joe Jordan, PhD, CEO of the North Carolina Physicians Health Program (NCPHP), Thomas Mansfield, JD, Chief Legal Officer for the North Carolina Medical Board, Clark Gaither, MD, FAAFP, Medical Director for NCPHP, and Shawn Scott, MBA, CEA, Senior Vice President for Member Services and Business Operations at the  NCMS, gave a presentation at the Federation of State Physician Health Programs (FSPHP) annual conference, they represented just three of the many organizations in the NC Consortium for Physician Resilience and Retention (NCCPRR).

“As professional organizations supporting physicians and physician assistants, the NC Medical Society, the NC Medical Board and the NC Physicians Health Program could not stand by and watch burnout erode the medical community,” Scott said. At the conference she spoke about what motivated the creation of the NCCPRR. “It’s thanks to the strong relationships among our organizations that the NCCPRR is tackling this issue together, by aligning our resources, constituencies and communications.”

Physician burnout has serious implications for the many different players in the health care industry. Burned out physicians can’t take care of patients to the best of their ability leading to negative effects on patient satisfaction. Other impacts include absenteeism resulting in inflated overhead costs to a practice.

Dr. Jordan of the NCPHP feels the way to most effectively address physician burnout is to combine efforts with other concerned organizations. “Once I understood the dedication to physician health and wellness that [the NCMS’ CEO] Bob Seligson and [the NC Medical Board’s] Thom Mansfield have, it was clear to see that a collaboration of our organizations would be truly effective.”

When asked why burnout is a priority for the Medical Society, Scott replied, “Today, burnout and stress management are ranking at the top of the list of concerns of our members, across specialties and communities.  We must help our members stay well so they can help their patients stay well.”

By devoting energy and resources to this cause, the NCCPRR aims to make practicing medicine a more sustainable and serviceable profession. The NCCPRR hopes to address physician burnout on both an organizational and an individual level at its 2018 Physician Wellness Summit, October 17th-18th in Raleigh. The NC PHP, Medical Board, and Medical Society are collaborating to bring together decision-makers and influencers from the NC health care community to implement a positive changes. Through educational efforts and by providing a forum for physicians to share their experiences, the Summit will provide the knowledge and tools necessary to improve physician well-being. Increases in productivity and patient satisfaction and the resulting decreases in costs are the inevitable result of improved well-being.

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