NC Approach To Physician Mental Health Gets Noticed

Thanks to the efforts of the NC Consortium for Physician Resilience and Retention, the North Carolina Medical Board (NCMB) decided last year to cease asking renewing licensees to disclose whether they are in treatment for any medical condition that might impair or limit their ability to practice safely.  The hope is that that doing away with the renewal question will encourage any licensee struggling with a medical or mental health issue to get appropriate attention, without fear of repercussion by the Board.

Awareness of physician burnout and the issues surrounding it is growing, and prompted a recent article, which cites North Carolina’s approach to allaying fears of repercussion. Read the article.

The NC Consortium for Physician Resilience and Retention has been instrumental in bringing together stakeholders, including the North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS), Cone Health, the NC Physicians Health Program, the NCMB and other organizations that deal with the impact of this unfortunate trend.  The Consortium is committed to identifying opportunities to address mental health, wellness and burnout among medical professionals in the state. Learn more about the Consortium’s work on the licensing question.


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