Morning Rounds for July 28, 2020

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July 28, 2020


Personal Protective Equipment – Filling the Gaps

The NCMS’ efforts to provide much needed personal protective equipment (PPE) continue. Since the beginning of the pandemic, via NCMS efforts, over 40,000 units of PPE are now in the hands of front-line physicians, PAs and other members of the health care team. About half of that PPE came from generous donations from Carolina Complete Health and Representative David Rouzer and Lowe’s Home Improvement and Ford Motor Company via the NC Healthcare Association.

The other half of the PPE units distributed in our state were purchased via ActionPPE. ActionPPE purchasers have commented that the program “Gave us another supply source on hard to obtain products,” and “Helped my practice get essential supplies at a time when conventional suppliers could not deliver, which enabled the practice to reopen at a time when virus threats were manageable, if PPE was available.”

Don’t forget that ActionPPE is now shipping directly to your practice so that products arrive even sooner. KN95 masks, disposable tri-fold masks, disposable gowns and face shields are all in stock and ready for purchase. Order your supplies today!

Personal Protective Equipment – Planning Ahead

Your voices did not go unnoticed by the NC General Assembly. They heard your distress about the inability, especially of smaller, independent practices, to secure PPE. Thanks to your communications with us and with your personal legislators, the NCMS is the recipient of a $5 million appropriation to provide PPE to independent practices in NC. Can your practice say yes to the following criteria?

  1. Organized in accordance with North Carolina General Statutes Chapter 55B and registered with the North Carolina Medical Board as a professional corporation or professional limited liability company with the purpose of practicing medicine.
  2. At the time of application provide or contract for professional medical services.
  3. Not be owned, managed, or otherwise controlled by an entity defined in G.S. 131E-76(13).
  4. Not be managed by a practice management company unless the practice management company is majority owned by North Carolina licensed physicians.

If so, your practice qualifies for a portion this appropriation. Be on the lookout for a special NCMS COVID-19 Alert from your NCMS for more details. Even though certain PPE supplies seem more readily available, the NCMS wants you to be prepared for whatever lies ahead.

Our Top 5 Resources for taking care of YOU during COVID-19

As COVID-19 cases increase in our state and the pandemic continues for the foreseeable future, have you checked in with yourself? You must be feeling the challenges of a global pandemic like every other human on the planet. Know that the NCMS cares about YOU and your wellbeing! Check out our Top 5 resources and others on our Emotional Support page.

In the News

Chatbots in Healthcare May Boost Access to Care During COVID-19, HIT Infrastructure

Learning Opportunities

Compassion Tribe – Virtual Support for Healthcare Workers
Today is the last of a series of supportive virtual sessions provided by Compassion Tribe to provide a virtual community and support the healthcare workforce.  Sessions are free to all healthcare workers and today’s topic is – Strategies for Stress and Coping.  Register for today’s session. Compassion Tribe is a partnership between the Healthcare Experience Foundation and the Maryland Healthcare Education Institute.


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