Together we can make a difference…

Being a North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) member means you believe that caring for your patients makes a difference in their lives as well as in the greater North Carolina community. The NCMS is dedicated to ensuring that belief becomes a reality.

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Together we can…

  • Protect the physician-patient relationship. This core belief drives everything we do.

  • Promote physician wellness. We offer resources to promote your wellness and resiliency in today’s challenging and uncertain environment.

  • Be innovative. Whether through our work with policymakers or helping in your practice we offer support to help make North Carolina first in health.

  • Empower physician leaders. We seek to educate and empower physicians and their teams to be leaders and drive positive change in health care.

  • Advocate for your profession. Our enduring mission is to ensure every member has the information, power and tools to fulfill their professional obligations.

Learn more about the different programs the NCMS has to offer that can benefit you. Download our Benefits Guide (PDF).

Member Benefits

NCMS members receive…

Advocacy for your profession

The NCMS employs a team of legislative, regulatory, and payer experts who closely monitor and respond to the latest developments that impact the profession of medicine and the care of patients.

NCMS LEAD Health Care Conference

The NCMS presents the LEAD Health Care Conference, offering all that the name suggests — leadership development, educational sessions, the latest advocacy news and innovative health care discoveries that can help improve the lives of your patients. To evolve with the current health care crisis, the NCMS will offer LEAD educational sessions virtually this year.

Health Insurance Options for You and Your Practice

Get exclusive access to the NCMS Employee Benefit Plan, which provides health care coverage for member physician practices.

NCMS Marketplace

Save money and time by reviewing our partner vendors who offer a range of products and services at a discount for NCMS members.

NCMS Member Book Club

Love to read? Join with our book club where you can read and discuss a variety of books throughout the year on our online community. This exclusive offer is available to NCMS members only. Learn more and sign up here.

Leadership development

Take advantage of leadership development opportunities through our award-winning Kanof Institute for Physician Leadership (KIPL).

Health care news you can use

Receive health care news as it affects your practice that you won’t find in your local or national media. You’ll receive our daily email Morning Rounds, our Political Pulse video updates, dedicated email alerts and early-bird notices for special events and conferences. Follow the hundreds of health care related bills we track each legislative session on our legislative blog.

Programs that address access to care

Learn more about the Community Practitioner Program, which offers loan repayment for practicing in rural or under-served areas throughout the state.

Programs that address the opioid crisis and social determinants of health

Learn more about our NCMS Foundation’s new initiatives: Project OBOT (Office-Based Opioid Treatment) and Our Community Health Initiative (OCHI).

Education on innovative health care systems

Engage with a dynamic community of colleagues to discuss health system transformation and innovation through groups like our popular NC Population Health Collaborative and NC ACO Council. Take advantage of ACO educational toolkits and webinars to keep a step ahead of our rapidly evolving health care system.

Resources for employed physicians

Get access to our Employed Physicians section, where you can find the Model Medical Staff Bylaws, discounts on employment contract reviews, and other educational efforts designed to help you succeed in your profession.

Public Health Information & Advocacy

Obtain resources for dealing with end-of-life issues; learn more about the current efforts to address maternal and infant care; and how the NCMS and its Foundation is working to tackle social determinants of health through its new Our Community Health Initiative (OCHI).


Receive the North Carolina Medical Journal, access to the “Medico-Legal Guidelines,” discounts through the NCMS magazine program, discounts on coding and practice publications.

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