Medicaid Transformation News: Getting Ready for Medicaid Managed Care

Getting Ready for Medicaid Managed Care

With less than a week before the state ‘goes live’ with Medicaid managed care next Thursday, July 1, the NCMS and our partners and other stakeholders are working to make this an easier transition for you and your practice. The NCMS has compiled a helpful list of resources on our Medicaid Transformation page with links to all of the plans and the information they are sharing with Medicaid providers. View the NCMS Medicaid Transformation page.

As with any major change, there are sure to be things that do not go according to plan, and the NCMS and our partners have developed a process we hope will help our members deal with this momentous shift in how services will be delivered to patients covered by Medicaid. We have created a special form where you can log your issues with us. The purpose is to aggregate common complaints so we can communicate with the state and our contacts at each health plan what many members are experiencing. If issues occur, please reach out to the plan first to share your experience. If the issue persists, then you can complete our Medicaid Transformation Issues form.

Stay tuned to your NCMS Morning Rounds and your email for updates on the process to log your issues with us and how we will work to resolve them.

If you have questions that can’t be answered via the plan or the resources on our page, please email us here.


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