Looking for a Few Good Physicians

CPEP, the Center for Personalized Education for Physicians, has periodic part time opportunities for physicians in all specialties. CPEP is a non-profit organization that provides clinical skills assessments and educational services for physicians and other health care professionals (www.cpepdoc.org). On the assessment side, participants are typically in reentry situations (working to get back into practice after stepping away on a voluntary basis) or are referred to CPEP due to questions regarding medical knowledge, skills, or judgment.

To complete these assessments, CPEP relies upon a network of currently practicing, board certified physicians in all specialties. These physicians conduct structured clinical interviews that are essentially case-based discussions that probe the participant’s level of medical knowledge and how that knowledge is applied in clinical situations. The interviews are sometimes conducted in CPEP’s office in the North Carolina Medical Society’s Center for Leadership in Medicine in downtown Raleigh, but can also be done via phone/video conference or in the office of the interviewing physician.

While the interviews are 90 minutes in length, each engagement may involve up to five hours of total work. While an honorarium is provided, many interviewers are motivated by the chance to interact with other physicians in intellectually stimulating discussions that are a departure from their daily routine.

For more information, please contact Amanda Besmanoff at 303-577-3232 or by e-mail at abesmanoff@cpepdoc.org.


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