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How is the Affordable Care Act affecting your practice? Is it even having an impact on your day-to-day operations? Please answer this five question survey — it shouldn’t take more than a minute of your time—and help the North Carolina Medical Society track how the ACA is affecting our members. We will share the results in our next Bulletin. Thank you!



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  • Sandra Brown MD

    The biggest practical change is that we have started asking patients with high deductibles to pay their total bill (allowed charges) at checkout and this is shocking them. We are seeing many more such plans. It is difficult and time consuming to figure out what the patient’s responsibility is. The new cards are often very deceptive showing “zero” copays for all providers, so the patient thinks they owe nothing!

  • michael brown md

    The ANNUAL WELLNESS VISIT has been good but hard to implement without disrupting staffing and patients don’t understand it but we are working on it. Some patients have been able to get a good deal, some of which have uninsured for a long time. Others however that do not make enough money to get a tax credit cannot afford anything and have fallen thru the cracks due to the fact NC did not accept money for Medicaid expansion. Others who make not much more that the 48,000 income cut off cannot afford coverage as they do receive a subsidy and have been strapped with higher premiums and higher decuctible , added together , could account for 1/4 of their income. The higher decuctibles are also making primary care providers more on the line for collecting money for the patients responsibilities, we will see how that works out. Not due to ACA, but related , insurance companies are requiring more prior authorizations, even for generic medications and tests, and medicare advantage is even worse, what I would call a night mare. Insurance companies continue to deny medications patients have been on for year, and required to try a preffered drug which is risky and dangerous. NC needs to accept federal Medicaid funding to get coverage for the poor that do no qualify of provide state funding for state run clinics. The meaningful use and other requirements are providing an unbearable burden on doctors. We feel like we are treating the government not the patient.

    Michael Brown MD
    Hazelwood Family Practice
    1088 Brown ave
    Waynesville NC 28786