Legislative Oversight Committee on Graduate Medical Education Update

The Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Graduate Medical Education met on March 1, 2018

Loan Repayment Programs Available to Medical Providers in Rural NC:

Maggie Sauer from the Office of Rural Health provided an overview  on many of the loan repayment programs that are currently used by providers in NC. She stated that there are 13 providers in a federal loan repayment program and 104 providers in a state loan repayment program.

Maggie also mentioned that the NCMS Community Practitioner Program provides additional support with 50 primary care providers assisted in 2017.

Current State of Medical Education and Residency and Suggestions to Address NC’s Healthcare Needs:

Michael Nagasaki from Cape Fear Valley Health Center presented on their residency program. He stated that residents are most likely to go within 50 miles of their residency location. He informed the committee that there are tremendous infrastructure costs for residency slots.

Dr. Richard Lord, MD from Wake Forest School of Medicine provided his own personal story about his journey back to NC as a student to his current tole as a professor. Wake Forest Baptist Health has 740 residencies and fellowships to help support regional and state workforce needs.

Subcommittee Report:

The draft report for the committee was approved.


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