HCLM Testimonials

Yun Boylston, MD - HCLM Class of 2017

"Participating in HCLM has been a rewarding experience. Through the business strategy and finance focused curriculum, I've gained tools to view my practice through a different lens, that I anticipate will lead to better informed decision making."

Art Apolinario, MD - HCLM Class of 2016

“My training in the HCLM was extremely valuable in today’s health care setting. You need to be able to speak the language of business, politics, and medicine now that value is being put back in the hands of physicians. The HCLM program gives you the tools not only to speak business, but to innovate in the healthcare marketplace to improve it for our patients.”

Steve Crawford, MD - HCLM Class of 2016

“It was interesting, and informative, to interact with colleagues from around the state. The instructors were engaging and knowledgeable and provided real world insights into how medicine is changing. Those insights will be key in helping physicians navigate the challenges ahead.”

Rachel Keever, MD, FACC - HCLM Class of 2016

“HCLM is a unique opportunity to gain broad exposure to important topics not taught during traditional medical training. The experience is enriched by a well-planned cohort design. This allows for an open exchange of experiences and insight from physicians and physician assistants who join together from multiple specialties and geographies during the HCLM journey.”