Exercise Your Influence

The policies that effect your practice begin with legislation. Use your power at the polls to help elect legislators who understand our issues. Your first opportunity this year will be the North Carolina primaries on May 8. If you are not yet registered to vote, you can complete this registration form and submit it 25 days (by April 13) before the election. If you’re not sure whether you’re registered, you can check at this site, where you can also see sample ballots.

Another effective way to make our voices heard is through the North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) PAC. Now is the time to give generously in order to support those candidates who support the practice of quality medicine.

Make your contribution today!

Watch NCMS Senior Vice President for Advocacy and Advancement and Associate General Counsel Chip Baggett make the case for why you should vote and contribute to the NCMS PAC.

Rest assured, if you do not take action, many other groups who do not have your interests in mind are ready to step in.

A recent Time magazine article noted that physicians “vote 9 percent less often than the general population. They’re 22 percent less likely to cast ballots than lawyers, another group of highly educated professionals.”

Don’t let the trial attorneys undo our victories like tort reform at the polls. Take three simple steps – make sure you’re registered to vote; give to the NCMS PAC and vote on May 8.


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