KIPL Power Hour: Telehealth in the Time of COVID-19 (3/19/2021)

A year into the pandemic, there is no doubt that telehealth and telemedicine has become an important way of providing care. But is it here to stay? Last April, shortly after COVID-19 had officially been declared a pandemic here in the US, we sat down and had a conversation around telehealth and telemedicine in one of our first Power Hours. We discussed the need for drastic adjustments in terms of utilization as well as the impact on patient-centered care. We also discussed practical aspects such as coding and coverage, availability and access. Join us for this week’s Power Hour as we revisit where we are today compared to last year.


The weekly Power Hours are offered to you by Kanof Institute for Physician Leadership/ North Carolina Medical Society Foundation and aims to provide a forum for ongoing conversation, collaboration and community. Tune in to Power Hour on Fridays to hear from different experts, decision makers and influencers on a variety of topics. The format is informal and conversational and sessions are easy to access through Zoom. The Power Hours will be recorded and made readily available to you through Morning Rounds.

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