Connecting Communities of Care via Health Information Exchange – Zoom Meeting

Connecting Communities of Care via Health Information Exchange

Sponsored by the Kanof Institute for Physician Leadership


The North Carolina Health Information Exchange Authority (NC HIEA) oversees and administers North Carolina’s state-designated health information exchange, NC HealthConnex. NC HealthConnex is a secure, electronic network that facilitates conversations between authorized health care providers by allowing them to access and share health-related information. Through statewide connectivity and information sharing, NC HealthConnex will help to break down information silos between providers, achieve greater outcomes for patients, and create efficiencies in state-funded programs such as Medicaid and the State Health Plan. As many providers are aware, connection to NC HealthConnex is mandated for the provision of Medicaid and State-funded participation by various dates in the coming year. This includes all providers involved in a patient’s care (primary care, acute care, long-term care, specialists, behavioral health and more).

What’s more, NC HealthConnex is poised to support health care providers as they move to managed care and enter into value-based care contracts. Near real time and accurate clinical data is a critical tool to providing appropriate care and closing information gaps across the care continuum. In this session,  the speaker will present on the progress of achieving statewide connectivity, the vision of NC HealthConnex, and provide use cases demonstrating how providers across the state are leveraging the NC HealthConnex suite of services to better inform patient care.

NC HealthConnex Suite of Services to Aid in Closing Care Gaps

  1. Clinical Portal & EHR-integrated
  2. Direct Secure Message to Promote Interoperability
  3. How NC*Notify Aligns and Supports Managed Care & Value-Based Care Contracts
  • Helps to meet 1 of the requirements of Tier 3 Advanced Medical Home
  • Demonstration of using NC*Notify to alert providers across a patient’s care continuum
  • Patient Centered Data Home
  • eHealth Exchange Connections
  1. Integrations/Registries/Population Health
  2. Immunization Registry (NCIR)
  3. Controlled Substance Reporting System

NC HealthConnex Roadmap 2021           

  1. Maintain and build upon a strong HIE foundation to support health care providers, Medicaid and other health plans, public health, and North Carolina patients.
  2. Broaden exchange capabilities and pathways to include nationwide networks and more than 95 percent of North Carolina health care providers, ensuring high utility for users.
  3. Advance notification services to make HIE data actionable, digestible, and strategically designed to fit the health care community’s changing needs and workflows.
  4. Expand on and refine population health and analytics applications for better health care management at the individual, community, and state public health levels.
  5. Embrace the NC HIEA’s role as a facilitator of patient-centered, value-based care by promoting universal use of health information exchange statewide.


About the Speaker
Jessica Brehmer is the Business and Outreach Specialist for the North Carolina Health Information Exchange Authority (NC HIEA). In her role, she works closely with providers across the state to educate and assist them in the onboarding process to the state designated health information exchange, NC HealthConnex. She previously worked in the Medicare-Medicaid Insurance field where she uses her experience to help provide valuable information regarding the HIE while expanding interoperability within the healthcare setting.


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