Ethical and Judicial Affairs Committee

Interprets the principles of medical ethics and investigates general ethical conditions.

Staffed by Melanie Phelps and Ashley Rodriguez

Anthony J. Caprio, MD – Chair
Kenneth L. Burgess, JD – Consultant
Palmer Edwards, MD, DFAPA – Board Liaison
Charles W. Henrichs, III, MD, FACEP, FACOEM
Venkata R. Jonnalagadda, MD, FAPA
Brian S. Kuszyk, MD, FACR
Deborah Love, JD – Consultant
Gerri L. Mattson, MD, MSPH, FAAP
John C. Moskop, PhD – Consultant
Michael E. Norins, MD
Philip M. Rosoff, MD, MA
Catherine Sevier, DrPH, RN, AOCN – Consultant
David Sevier – Consultant
John R. Smith, Jr., MD
Lance K. Stell, PhD  – Consultant
F. Keith Stirewalt IV, PA-C, MDiv, MBA – Consultant
Charlotte Sweeney, MD, FACOG
John G. Wagnitz, MD
Edwards W. Whitesides, MD – Board Liaison
Louise M. Winstanly, LLB, MS – Consultant

Upcoming Meeting Materials

NEXT MEETING: Saturday, November 2, 2019 @ NCMS Office, 222 N Person Street, Raleigh


Aid in Dying in North Carolina (Carbone- NCMJ 2019)

Challenge of New Legislation on Physician-Assisted Death (Ganzini- JAMA Int Med 2016)

Oregon Death with Dignity Act_2018 Data Summary

PAS- Why Neutrality by Organized Medicine is Neither Neutral Nor Appropriate (Sulmasy-2018JGIM )

Professional Organization Positions On Physician-Assisted Suicide

Professional Organizations’ Position Statements on PAS- A Case for Studied Neutrality (Quill- Annals 2003)

June 8, 2019

  1. Agenda

Medical Aid In Dying In Hawaii: Appropriate Safeguards or Unmanageable Obstacles?

NCMB Proposal for review:

See Page 14 for DRAFT Death Certificate Paper

June 23, 2018

  1. Agenda

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  1. NCMS Conflict of Interest Policy and Disclosure Statement
  2. NCMS Leadership Confidentiality Policy
  3. NCMS Photo Film Release Form
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