Enhancing Well-being: Duke WISER Study Starts July 9

Interested in learning about web-based resilience tools that can help you enhance your well-being? WISER (“Web-based Implementation of the Science for Enhancing Resilience”) is a study being conducted by Duke University Health System’s Patient Safety Center that uses a package of evidence-based resilience tools for busy workers in the health care field.  (Note: The study content refers to health care workers—defined as anyone at least 18-years-old who works in health care—both clinical and non-clinical.  Participation comes with 10 hours of continuing education credit for MDs and RNs.

For information on WISER, watch this 2:30 minute video  and view the flyer or consider listening to an introductory webinar for more information about what WISER is, how it works and what has been learned from the research so far.

Enroll here.




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