Did You Miss Monday’s Deadline to Begin Collecting A Full 90-Days of MIPS Data for 2017?

Monday (Oct. 2) was the last day to begin the 90-day reporting requirement for the first year of the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)—one of the two tracks in the Quality Payment Program — since there are only 90 days left in 2017.  By participating, even in a minimal way this first, transition year of MIPS, you may avoid a negative payment adjustment and may actually be eligible for a positive payment adjustment and bonus. Collecting and reporting data for a minimum of 90 consecutive days will make you eligible for the maximum positive payment adjustment if you perform well relative to others.

If you didn’t make yesterday’s deadline, you can still report on less than 90 days of data – in fact you can begin data collection as late as Dec 31, 2017 and still avoid a negative payment adjustment. However, the more data you collect and submit increases the likelihood of earning a positive payment adjustment.

Either way, it behooves you to begin collecting 2017 MIPS performance data because one thing is certain: if you are eligible to participate in MIPS but choose not to collect and submit data, you will get a negative 4 percent payment adjustment beginning on Jan. 1, 2019.

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