• NCMS Morning Rounds 8-20-19

    NCMS Morning Rounds 8-20-19

    Enjoy your Tuesday NCMS Morning Rounds. Aug. 20, 2019 Keep Saving that Date — For LEAD Health Care Conference Please keep Oct. 3-4 reserved on your calendar to attend the […]

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  • NCMS Morning Rounds 8-16-19

    NCMS Morning Rounds 8-16-19

    Happy Friday! Enjoy your   NCMS Morning Rounds. Aug. 16, 2019 Clarification: For those caring for State Health Plan members, if you want to rescind your participation in the new State […]

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  • NCMS Morning Rounds 8-13-19

    NCMS Morning Rounds 8-13-19

    Read on for Tuesday’s  NCMS Morning Rounds. Aug. 13, 2019 Take Just 5 Minutes to Address “Surprise” Billing The NCMS has been weighing in on quickly-moving federal legislation to address […]

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  • NCMS Morning Rounds 8-7-19

    NCMS Morning Rounds 8-7-19

    It’s already Wednesday! Time for your NCMS Morning Rounds. Aug. 7, 2019   More Disaster Relief Delivered Moore Orthopedics Sports Medicine in Morehead City is the latest recipient of money from […]

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  • NCMS Morning Rounds 8-6-19

    NCMS Morning Rounds 8-6-19

    Happy Tuesday! Here’s your NCMS Morning Rounds. Aug. 6, 2019   Comment on NC Medical Board’s Statement on Innovative Treatments The North Carolina Medical Board (NCMB) is considering adopting a new […]

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  • NCMS Morning Rounds 8-1-19

    NCMS Morning Rounds 8-1-19

    Your first NCMS Morning Rounds of the month! Aug. 1, 2019 Working Together for a DiabetesFree NC Did you know that one out of three people have prediabetes — blood glucose […]

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  • NCMS Morning Rounds — 7-25-19

    NCMS Morning Rounds — 7-25-19

    It’s Thursday and time for your  NCMS Morning Rounds. July 25, 2019 More on Opioid Epidemic in North Carolina The results of a recent study of data from over 3,000 […]

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  • NCMS Morning Rounds 7-16-19

    NCMS Morning Rounds 7-16-19

    The new week is underway — enjoy Tuesday’s  NCMS Morning Rounds. July 16, 2019 Medicaid Managed Care Enrollment Launched Enrollment in Medicaid managed care has begun for Medicaid beneficiaries in […]

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  • NCMS Morning Rounds 7-15-19

    NCMS Morning Rounds 7-15-19

    Welcome to another week and your Monday NCMS Morning Rounds. July 15, 2019 NCMS Weekly Legislative Update Legislators were still at work last week trying to determine if there were […]

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  • NCMS Morning Rounds 7-10-19

    NCMS Morning Rounds 7-10-19

    Already Wednesday and time for your NCMS Morning Rounds. July 10, 2019 Fate of Health Care Bill to Expand Access Unknown Yesterday morning the NC House Health Committee voted 25-6 […]

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