Birth Center Licensure Requirement Bill

SB 798 – Establish Birth Center Licensure Act

Primary Sponsors: Sen. Ralph Hise (R-Madison)

Bill Movement

This bill was filed on May 31, 2018.

Bill Summary

This bill would require the licensure of birth centers. This bill would require all application obtain the following information: name of the applicant, site of the birth center, the name of the person in charge of the birth center, and documentation that the birth center meets licensure standards.

All licensure applicants would be charged a nonrefundable $100 fee.

This bill would allow the Department to deny, suspend, or revoke a license when it finds a substantial failure to comply with these provisions. The bill would also provide the Secretary may suspend the admission of new patients or suspend services for failure to comply with these provisions.

This bill would limit a birth center to only offer and provide services that the scope of the license issued allows.

This bill would allow the Department to make inspections of the facility as it deems necessary.


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